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  • Porsche 987.2 200 Cells Exhaust Headers1
  • Porsche 987.2 200 Cells Exhaust Headers2
  • Porsche 987.2 200 Cells Exhaust Headers3

Porsche 987.2 200 Cells Exhaust Headers


Product Description

For medium track use or heavy track use only we don't recommend any exhaust headers with catalytic converters we only recommend Racing Exhaust Headers with no catalytic converters. The warranty  is void for our exhaust headers with cats when used mostly or only for racing purposes.

The 987.2 Exhaust Headers with 200 cells catalytic converters, featuring equal length primary pipes joining into a racing merge collector (3-1) and flowing into the 200 cells tri-metal cats. Designed to achieve better performance and better exhaust flow these will surely help in the performance department and slightly improve the sound on those quiet DFI engines. We have designed these with same style stainless steel flange like the factory headers this type of flange eliminates warpage caused by excessive heat when using a thicker flange.