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  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves
  • Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves


Porsche 987 Cayman NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves


Product Description

An All Star exhaust system, get the best of both worlds for your 987, quiet mode for those cool and relaxed drives and open the valves for an aggressive sounding exhaust that will get you noticed.

NHP Exhaust has developed the 987.1 Exhaust with valves with one thing in mind; offer you one of the best exhaust your money can buy , high quality combined with fair pricing results in the best bang for your buck. 

This cat-back exhaust system will work with the factory exhaust headers, factory exhaust T-pipe (connecting pipe between both mufflers) and will also work with factory exhaust tip.

NHP Exhaust System with Sound Valves for the 987 Cayman. Made entirely of 304 Stainless Steel, welds are works of art , this exhaust will provide you with acoustic pleasures for years to come. Every detail was taught of during conception of this exhaust to please most 987 owner's out there, we believe that the NHP exhaust for the 987 is the most well balanced exhaust out there providing you with a choice of sound with our exclusive sound valve system, with a simple push of a wireless remote you will enjoy 2 different sound levels, with the sound valves off you will get a sports exhaust sound that will only give you a good idea of what's to come with the sound valves on, basically with the sound valves off it's a nice upgrade to the boring factory exhaust system sound, once you hit the button on the remote and open up the valves you can enjoy the real deal a beautiful growly exhaust sound that makes its way out through internal muffler channels that are much less restrictive resulting in additional power, the beauty of it is that there is not more cabin drone then the original, this exhaust is so well built with quality materials that will avoid cabin resonance but the exhaust can be heard nice and clear on the outside. 

This exhaust features mandrel bend piping, OEM type flanges that can accept OEM exhaust headers or any aftermarket exhaust headers, exhaust supports that are very solid avoiding exhaust vibrations, exclusive sound valves (vacuum activated).

This exhaust weighs a total of 26 pounds (Mufflers only) 
This exhaust doesn't require any modifications to be fitted, no holes to drill, nothing to cut. 

The exhaust inludes the following: 

  • Sound valve control kit with FOB remote or Manual On/Off switch
  • Left and Right exhaust mufflers 
  • Left and Right exhaust supports 
  • Exhaust gaskets + hardware 
  • NHP Exhaust sticker

This exhaust will need a 200 to 400 miles break in period for optimal sound, in other words after the break in period it will have its natural sound which will be slightly louder than the sound it produces during the first couple hundred miles.

Please review all pictures and videos.

About the installation 
This exhaust is a plug-N-play exhaust; no modifications are needed to install this exhaust, the factory exhaust will come down in less than 30 minutes when removed by a professional, total install time including removal of factory exhaust will be approx 3.5 hours when installed by a professional. Installation instructions are included. A weekend DIY mechanic can perform the installation as well especially when time is no object. If our instructions are not sufficient and you require technical support or if you have any questions we will be happy to help you, you can send an e-mail or call us for 100% technical support on our NHP Exhaust products. 

Additional notes.
For those of you who would prefer to have a physical switch to switch the valves off/on that is a possibility as well, we can supply the on/off switch as well. Please choose your options when you "Add To Cart"

Product Videos

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Warranty Information

Lifetime against defects from NHP