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  • Porsche 997 Turbo & GT2 Performance Aluminum Intercoolers

Porsche 997 Turbo / GT2 Performance Aluminum Intercoolers


Product Description

Porsche 997 Turbo / GT2  2008-2012

Wow, for price and quality you can't get a better deal. Please read the entire description below prior to purchasing these.


This set of Aluminum Bar/Plate Performance Intercoolers is for the Porsche 996 Turbo and 997 Turbo. The quality is excellent, they are well built with excellent welds and nice bar & plate core, the end tanks are also made of aluminum and welded to the core. 

 Compared to the factory Intercoolers these are much more superior, the welds are excellent and chances are these will never blow like the factory ones could if you’re pushing higher boost levels , the tanks are welded on compared to a sealed tank on the factory intercoolers minimizing chances for boost loss, the core thickness is a whopping 3.5” providing ample surface for proper cooling and minimizing deadly heat soak . These intercoolers are great for those of you who have modified your Turbo to a street performance level and need better cooling, the Aluminum Intercoolers retain the factory boost pressure hoses. The end tanks are slightly larger than the factory end tanks but with the core being 3.5” thick these Intercoolers offer better cooling which is vital for HP gains on a Turbocharged Engine. 

The Core  is L 14” x H 9” x W 3.5”, the overall length is 21” and you retain factory boost hoses inlet/outlet is 2.75”. 

For those of you who will be pushing crazy HP like in excess of 700+ HP obviously you will need to look for intercoolers that offer the possibility to install larger boos hoses and use intercoolers with bigger end tanks. These may not be for you. 


These Intercoolers like any other aftermarket Intercoolers will require modification for fitment, you will have to the plastic shrouds that sandwich the intercooler, shaving of the shroud will be required, the mounting points remain the same but shroud modification is required. There are a few articles available on the internet about some who have performed the installation please se3rch various Porsche Forums. At this time we have no installation instructions. We will offer installation instructions as soon as we do a local installation.  PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

GT2RS Intercoolers vs these aftermarket IC’s

As you probably know Porsche sells the GT2RS Intercoolers that are much more superior than the stock IC’s the GT2RS have larger core and larger end tanks, the cost is approx. $1400.00 , these aftermarket aluminum intercoolers cost much less approx. 40%+ cheaper.


Made and Engineered by Porsche
Great Fitment
Efficient for street performance


Requires modifications of carrier for fitment

Cost 40% more
Sealed end tanks (Not welded) 

Other aftermarket IC’s like EVO vs Aftermarket IC’s


Better IC’s for highly modified 996 or 997 Turbos
Superior build quality when it comes to details
Upgrade hoses that can sustain highest boost pressure


Amongst the most expensive
Requires complete change in Hoses
Requires extensive modification to IC carriers for fitment