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  • 987 Boxster Power Package Plus by Softronic
  • 987 Boxster BMC Performance Air filter
  • 987 Boxster Performance Race Plenum by Softronic
  • 987 Boxster NHP Performance Exhaust with Sounds Valves
  • 987 Boxster Performance Software ECU Tune

Porsche 987 Boxster Power Package Plus


Product Description

Introducing the Softronic Power Package PLUS for the Porsche 987 Boxster from 2006-2008.

After years of testing, the Softronic Power Package PLUS combines a Softronic ECU flash and Race Plenum Kit with a BMC Air Filter and the Exhaust to provide the perfect combination of hardware and software that will bring large, proven gains to your vehicle. Compared to a stock vehicle, this package will bring 35+ HP and 33+ Ft-lbs of Torque to the 987 Boxster, allowing the engine to breath more freely, and extract more power out of the Softronic ECU tune.

The Softronic Boxster Power Package PLUS includes:


Power Package PLUS savings: $185 discount as this package! This is also a special order item as they are made to order and require parts only available from Porsche. Typical shipping times can be 2-3 weeks.