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  • 987 Cayman Power Package Plus by Softronic
  • 987 Cayman BMC Performance Air filter
  • 987 Cayman Performance Race Plenum by Softronic
  • 987 Cayman NHP Performance Exhaust with Sounds Valves
  • 987 Cayman Performance Software ECU Tune

Porsche 987 Cayman Power Package Plus


Product Description

Introducing the Softronic Power Package PLUS for the Porsche 987 Cayman from 2006-2008.

After years of testing, the Softronic Power Package PLUS combines a Softronic ECU flash and Race Plenum Kit with a BMC Air Filter and the Exhaust to provide the perfect combination of hardware and software that will bring large, proven gains to your vehicle. Compared to a stock vehicle, this package will bring 35+ HP and 33+ Ft-lbs of Torque to the Cayman, allowing the engine to breath more freely, and extract more power out of the Softronic ECU tune.

The Softronic Cayman Power Package PLUS includes:


Power Package PLUS savings: $185 discount as this package! This is also a special order item as they are made to order and require parts only available from Porsche. Typical shipping times can be 2-3 weeks.