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  • Porsche 996 TT / GT2 SpeedTech Performance Y-pipe
  • Porsche 996 TT / GT2 SpeedTech Performance Y-pipe
  • Porsche 996 TT / GT2 SpeedTech Performance Y-pipe
  • Porsche 996 TT / GT2 SpeedTech Performance Y-pipe
  • This picture illustrates the increased flow capacity of the SpeedTech 2 1/2” diameter Y-Pipe vs. the OEM hardware. The difference in performance between the two is substantial as can be seen in the customer dyno graphs.
  • Dyno graph show increase in power and spool after adding the SpeedTech Y-Pipe

Porsche 996 TT / GT2 SpeedTech Performance Y-pipe


Product Description

The Automotive Speed Technologies 996TT Y-Pipe is designed to increase air flow to the throttle body. It is constructed with high quality, 2 1/2” mandrel bent 6061 aluminum inlet legs which merge into a 75mm outlet to feed a 75mm throttle body without any reduction in diameter at the exit, such as other Y-Pipe designs. All pipe ends have "bead rolled" edges. It is recommended to use a 75mm throttle body and 75mm TB plenum with this modification, however, it is not mandatory and can be added at any time. The SpeedTech Y-Pipe will improve the flow of the additional air being generated on a modified car and deliver it to the engine quickly, without resistance - increasing power and response. A perfect upgrade for high flowing modified cars. 

It is available in a variety of extremely durable powder coat finishes and can be matched to your car exterior color or any other color you desire for a beautiful show car appearance. This is an exceptionally well designed, high quality upgrade for your Porsche 996TT. 

Note: Some simple fabrication with silicon hose will be required for connection to the intercoolerss this kit is "universal" meaning it is intended to be adapted "on the fly" for any brand of aftermarket intercoolers. This is an easy DIY project for those that are mechanically inclined, however, it is best to have a professional complete the installation.

We have customer dynos below to show the gain in power and spool when using our Y-Pipe. It is best when used with our 2.5” intercoolers. 

Options include:

  • Powder coat to color
  • Meth injection bungs
  • Silicon Hose Color (Black is standard)

Speedtech provides a Lifetime warranty of manufacturing defects for original owner. 

  • Price: $1,095.00
  • Powder Coat: $129.00
  • Add Bungs: $85.00

** Specify hose color with order. Choice of Red, Blue or Black.

*** Specify whether OEM intercoolers / hoses or 2.5” pipe intercooler connections will be utilized.

Note: The Automotive Speed Technologies 996TT 2.5” x 75mm Y-Pipe kit includes all necessary hardware to upgrade your intake tract to a full 2 1/2” system from the intercooler to the throttle body. It includes 4 ply silicon hose, heavy duty SS hose clamps and the 75mm Y-Pipe. If retaining the smaller OEM intercoolers and OEM hose fittings, we will supply an adapter for connection to the OEM hose. 

Our kit provides a full 2 1/2” passage from the intercooler to the throttle body, exactly the same as blow-thru designs utilized on 700+ HP packages, but retains the OEM intake tract for a reliable and safe OEM style installation. Silicon hoses are available in red, blue or black and the Y-Pipe can be powder coated to any color. We recommend our Intake Plenum in combination with our Y-Pipe for maximum power increase and quick spool results.

Warranty Information

Speedtech offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the original owner.