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About Softronic



SOFTRONIC is a Connecticut based Corporation with worldwide manufacturing and sales in automotive software and electronics along with maintenance and servicing of fine automobiles.

SOFTRONIC produces DME programming and hardware .  The SOFTRONIC software proprietary flashing solution outperforms all other combinations in speed and accuracy, including the factory Porsche equipment. 
We specialize in the impossible or the unimaginable. Our current SOFTRONIC software Flash Client can read and write an entire automotive control unit complete, in less time than all other tuning or factory automotive software systems. What does this translate into time? Less than 5 minutes and as fast as 1 minute total time. These figures can't be touched by even the automotive manufacturers. There is no Binary that can hide from us at SOFTRONIC. 
Our electronics are also just as amazing as the SOFTRONIC software, pushing the envelope on performance, technology and design. Softronic was the first company that put Porsche flashing in the hands of the enthusiast back in 2006 allowing them to flash their own cars via the OBD2 port and return to the Original file.

We offer a wide range of engine conversions and race engine building coupled with the proper wiring and programming to match those one of a kind builds.

Softronic has been working with Porsche systems for nearly 30 years. From street cars to race cars, Softronic has involved itself in all types of motorsports to stay consistently involved in the industry. Having cutting edge technology not only makes the ECU Tuning process more efficient, it also makes it more accurate. Softronic has been the technical advisor for the Porsche Club of America (PCA) for over 20 years as well and the owner worked and is certified from Porsche. One of the main functions that Softronic serves is data checking of Porsche Motorsports vehicles for race teams. Reading out the binary code and checking data allows Softronic to gain OEM insight into the vehicles brain unit and of course, a fair playing field for race regulations. In the tuner market focusing on street cars, Softronic has gained a very solid name. Softronic exclusively tuned the Porsche Interseries cars, winning Daytona cars, World Challenge, Koni Cup, PCA and countless others in racing . As a sponsor for both Planet 9 formerly the "Cayman Club" ,6speedonline forums for over 15years and Rennlist.  Softronic customers are plentiful with success. Some of the fastest cars are tuned in cooperation with Softronic. Everything from 1000HP 996 Turbos to daily driving Porsche 987 Cayman's. Softronic focuses on the drivability, reliability, and convenience in tuning your vehicle.

The Softronic kit has several innovative features not found in other ECU programming products. First, and foremost, the Softronic software puts control into the hands of the owner with the complete freedom to upgrade their DME or also known as an ECU in a variety of ways. Most customers can return their car to  stock at anytime, this though is generally not required or needed. This kit itself now includes a My Genius unit for flashing and requires a Win7 or above desktop or laptop with at least 4GB of Ram, at least 25GB open on your HDD or larger ,a Quad or above processor and an internet connection to update the software and the tool and the most recent updates to your Windows system. You can only use a Mac running Bootcamp also. The tool will be locked to the car and the car considered flashed unless it has been returned to the Original file.These flashes are specific to your car on a stock basis, upgrades and customized files are available.