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"I am very happy with the software. I would do it again without hesitation. Faster, smoother, more responsive, what I would've expected Porsche to deliver from the beginning."

- 987 Cayman Performance Software Flash


"I did the Softronic Plenum and Flash mod and it really made a big difference in my cars performance . It was also fun to do the install myself , not too hard to DIY."

- 987 Cayman Race Plenum


"WOW is all I can say! My car is a totally different animal right now. It pulls so much stronger and it seems to be smoother when normal driving."

- 997 Turbo Performance Software Flash


"What this tune does you the 997TT is amazing. It not only adds significant power, but also smooths the lower end of the throttle range. The car is much more drivable with a very big surprise when you floor it. This is really what the car should have been from the factory !"

- 997 Turbo Performance Software Flash


"Hey guys this is my 996T pictured here, and as I said this is the best upgrade for the money out there. The process was very simple, I actually downloaded and sent my stock file to Softronic while I was at my kids soccer practice – I had my laptop with me and a wireless connection and in less than 5 minutes my file was sent. The install of the upgraded file was just as easy, in a matter of 10 minutes it was done and then I went out for a drive, and what a hell of a difference this made – this is the way I expected a Porsche should be!!."

- 996 Turbo Performance Software Flash


"I just got the stage one set up ,for my 996 tt cabriolet, installing it was breeze. The difference in acceleration with the stage 1 is night and day vs stock. To put it in to perspective , it feels as different as a turbo 996 and non turbo 996. After driving it with softronics tune ,the car is a monster, love it!!!!"

- 996 Turbo Performance Software Flash