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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We hope some of your most important answers will be found here. Remember to also check out our Blog Categories on the right that may contain some more information to help you in your purchasing decision. And if at anytime you need more assistance, just contact us.

  • Will the Softronic ECU Flash affect my warranty?
    Hard to say. Though it's illegal to void a warranty on a car based on the installation of an aftermarket accessory, dealerships can block coverage on a warranty claim if they feel an aftermarket accessory has caused the problem. Please check with your dealership to see how they feel about DME flashes.  Softronic supplies the ORIGINAL file from your car to you so you can flash back to stock at any time. Since it is the true original file, if loaded back to your car via the Softronic Flash Cable and Flash Client Software the exact same binary is reloaded. This process returns the mapping binary to its original form. Now, if you were to go to the dealer with your tuned file on your ECU, they could very well detect it if they plugged into the car and this applies to ANY tuned file depending on the year of the car.  The tuned file is an adjustment to the original file and all emissions and diagnostics are intact .  
  • What is Softronic's Experience in tuning Porsche ECU's?
    Based out of Connecticut, Softronic has been working with Porsche systems for nearly 30 years. From street cars to race cars, Softronic has involved itself in all types of motorsports to stay consistently involved in the industry. Having cutting edge technology not only makes the ECU Tuning process more efficient, it also makes it more accurate. Softronic has been the technical advisor for the Porsche Club of America (PCA) for over 10 years as well. One of the main functions that Softronic serves is data checking of Porsche Motorsports vehicles for race teams. Reading out the binary code and checking data allows Softronic to gain OEM insight into the vehicles brain unit and of course, a fair playing field for race regulations. In the tuner market focusing on street cars, Softronic has gained a very solid name. Softronic exclusively tuned the Porsche Interseries cars, winning Daytona car, World Challenge, Koni Cup and countless others in racing . As a sponsor for both Planet Porsche and 6speedonline forums, Softronic customers are plentiful with success. Some of the fastest cars are tuned in cooperation with Softronic. Everything from 1000HP 996 Turbos to daily driving Porsche 987 Cayman's. Softronic focuses on the drivability, reliability, and convenience in tuning your vehicle.
  • Do I have to take my car somewhere to flash it?
    No! The entire purpose of the Softronic software is that it is very easy to do. You can do it in the comfort of your own garage at your convenience. All you need is the provided Client Cable, a windows based Laptop or desktop with a newer style cable. Softronic wants to empower the end user to not have to go to a shop and have the flash installed. The simplicity of the instructions we have put on our Installation Page will have you done with the process in only an hour time.
  • How much will the Softronic ECU Flash cost?
    Softronic has ECU flashes for almost every 911 Porsche and Cayman/Boxster. Because of the complexity of some of the cars, the files are more expensive. Prices range from $895 to $3995 depending on the vehicle. Most flashes for the Turbocharged cars are around $2000. All of our flashes include the price of the Client Cable . Check out our Product Pages to see what a flash for your vehicle will do to your car and how much it costs. 
  • If I add an exhaust or intake, do I need to reflash my car?
    No.  Softronic goes through and tunes each individual table. Unlike others that do a global change to files, Softronic enables the ECU to adapt to basic bolt-on modifications like exhaust, intake, headers, etc. The only time you need to reflash your vehicle is when you change fuel components, turbo sizes, or engine internals, etc.
  • If I buy the ECU flash and do an upgrade, do I have to pay the full price again?
    No, , we only charge revision fees. Unlike other tuners, we have a very large database of files for multiple different turbo and fuel setups that have been tested and can be further customized to your cars specifications. Lets say you have done the basic Porsche 996TT flash and then upgrade to the K24/18G turbos or a 997TT to Alpha 28's or Garrett 3076 and so on for the newer models also. You only have to pay a $500 revision fee.


  • Does it matter if I have 91, 93, or other octane fuel?

Yes it does actually for NON DFI cars. We have different files based upon your pump gas usage. A customer that normally gets 91 octane at the pump would not want a 93 octane map. The 93 octane map has more advanced timing to deal with the better gasoline. Your car would knock and ping then then ECU would pull timing. Softronic's ability to have the ECU only works in the positive direction with octane. If you have a 93 octane map for example and put 100 or 109 race gas in the car, the ECU will adjust and your vehicle will run much better. The higher the octane, the more power you will make. Make sure to let us know when doing your flash upload what octane gas you get at the pump or for racing.

 DFI cars from 2009MY do not have different files such as a 91 or 93 yet just one file that can run either fuel grade. Just like the factory all files are made for 93AKI or also the same 98RON. 91 AKI or 95RON simply generate less power. This is do to the advanced engine running characteristics. The race files that run 100octane are unique and are octane specific. 


  • How do you compare Softronic to the other companies?
    That is a good question that we can answer honestly. Softronic uses actual Bosch tools from Porsche to do the ECU flashing. Other companies have had to reverse engineer the system to be able flash the cars. This system does not always flash the entire vehicles parameters. Because Softronic is so involved with motorsports and data checking, they have seen almost all others flash code by checking the binary data. In the end, many customers have their allegiance to certain tuners. We know that Softronic has the most convenient, in-depth, tuning package available for Porsche right now. Our Software out performs our competitors in real world scenarios and is designed to ensure your vehicle is safe and fun. .
  • What Fuel does Softronic use for our figures?
    Softronic Shows all files run with 93AKI or also known as 98RON and in BHP as does the factory. Different fuel grades will produce a variable on these.  .
  • I just bought a Porsche, Can I call to check if it had a Softronic flash installed prior?   

 Usually if you have a Softronic flash in the car you should have a cable that says Softronic on it and is married to the car . You should also have the two files that have the VIN on them such as "Tuned WP0AD29978Sxxxxxx" and "Original WP0AD29978Sxxxxxx" for the older cables  have been out of use since 2016 and NLA.  We currently use a MyGenius that will store the files on it.  The owner of the car would pass this along in a sale if it had a Softronic flash.. Many people sell cars stating it has a Softronic flash on it when in fact it does not as they have no files or either cable for the car.

 Softronic DOES NOT release information on VIN's or customers as it is privacy issue to the owner of the car in which it was sold to nor store files as the customer would have them. The sale is to the original purchaser and is not transferable unless supplied by them to the new   buyer of the car.. 

  • Do all cars have an Original file?                                                                                                                                               

Yes to the newer MyGenius cables we use has an original is supplied or read by it.Note older cars flashed with a dongle and laptop for the  987 and 997 from 2005-2008 there is no  original file as it can only be ID and a file is then made for the car for programming. The tuned file is an adjustment to that file and all emissions and diagnostics are intact so there is no reason for another file to be made as just an original. 

  •  Software changes after Purchase

 All our files are made to emissions specifications and do not allow for catless headers unless requested and then labeled as RACE while all emissions files are labeled WE. The Race file will NOT pass emissions yet is only for OFF Road or Race cars so that the customer can still monitor the CEL for proper function with all other systems. All requested revisions for files such as headers must utilize our latest flashing unit we are using.

We still have a $500 fee that applies to Turbo only changes that are related to different turbos and more custom work than our normal files yet we include everything in the normal files like all options and race files etc.  

  • Does Softronic delete Cold Start?

No as the cold start is not only made to preheat the catalytic converters yet to lubricate the piston skirts. When the car sits the oil will tend to flow to the bottom of the cylinder . This leaves the top skirt in a horizontally opposed engine more susceptible to bore scoring with similar metals. The last item in an engine to get lubricated is the piston so Porsche uses oils such as 0W/40W or 5W/40W to help with this . The other ways are to add more fuel at initial start up and higher rpm's to help in this process. This was less of a problem with  engines that have direct oil spray to the pistons and with liners such as steel or nikasil etc.