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  • Porsche 987 Cayman Performance Parts Race Plenum Kit
  • Porsche 987 Cayman Performance Parts Race Plenum Kit
  • Dimsport Cable

Porsche 987 Cayman Race Plenum Kit

$2,695.00 $2,595.00
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Product Description

Softronic set out to offer a complete Race Plenum package for the 3.4 liter Cayman S and 2.7 Cayman (2007-2008).

Add a real 25 BHP and loads of mid range torque to your Cayman S with the new Softronic Stage II Racing Intake system. This robust combination of hardware and performance software brings everything we know about Porsche's 3.8L Carrera S, GT3 and the 3.4L Cayman S or 2.7 Cayman motor together to deliver the highest performance available and pave the way for more radical enhancements.

At the heart of the Stage II Racing intake is a larger less restrictive racing throttle body mated to a new high flow intake distribution pipe.

The hardware you see above is just the tip of the iceberg. To make use of these new high flow intake components, Softronic has developed an exclusive all new Motronics software tuning flash. This new software flash targets the higher volumetric efficiency of the intake and engine by completely retuning the remaining intake resonance valve, Vario Cam Plus, Ignition, and Fuel delivery maps. The results: Never before seen tire roasting increases in mid range torque and a nice extension to high RPM horsepower,all files are tested with 93oct and exhaust recommended.



This kit includes:

  • Genuine Porsche GT3 Throttle Body
  • Genuine Porsche Plenum
  • Collapse proof four ply silicone turbo grade intake hose reinforced internally with tubing
  • All necessary hoses, hose clamps & install hardware (20 parts in total)
  • USB Vehicle Interface Cable (*)
  • Softronic  flashing software
  • Custom tailored vehicle specific performance flash file
  *This product comes with a OBD2  cable, and software... that allows flashing for only 1 vehicle as it is tied to that vehicle's VIN. This is also a special order item as they are made to order and require parts only available from Porsche. Typical shipping times can be 2-3 weeks. 
$2,695.00 $2,595.00