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  • Porsche 996 Turbo & GT2 Custom Performance Software Tune
  • Porsche 996 Turbo at the Texas Mile, powered by Softronic engine performance software.

Custom Software Tuning Upgrade - 996 Carrera (Turbo & GT2)


Product Description

This software product is an UPGRADE - you MUST have already purchased a Softronic Performance Tune for your vehicle. The purchase of this UPGRADE allows for customers to receive a new software tune, specifically optimized for their application of aftermarket upgrades, such as turbos, injectors, intercoolers, etc. that they may have added after receiving their original Softronic Performance Software. 
If you do NOT already have a Softronic Performance Tune, simply purchase our Performance Software Tune HERE and add the "Modified" option to the product.
With decades of experience with Porsche Motorsports and Race vehicle tuning, Softronic has the background and expertise to be the leader in FULL custom engine performance software and tuning for highly modified vehicles and special applications:
Whether it be for your Porsche 996 GT2 or Turbo... we know their engine software inside and out... and can create custom race tunes and performance flashes for any special application.
And did you know? Softronic has some of the fastest Turbo's at the Texas Mile and Moscow 500...
Please contact us for more information on our Race Vehicle Software and Tuning services.