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  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo DFI Performance Tuning Software Flash
  • Cayenne Turbo Softronic Performance Software ECU Tune

Cayenne Turbo DFI Performance Software (08-15)


Product Description

The Cayenne Turbo Performance Tuning Software from Softronic works on the 2007 Cayenne Turbo DFI, and this software tuning results in these performance gains,all files are tested with 93oct.:

Model Base BHP Base Torque Tuned BHP Tuned Torque
Cayenne Turbo DFI 957/958 500 516 600 635
Cayenne TurboS DFI 957/958 550 553 615 646
  *This product comes with a OBD2  cable, and software... that allows flashing for only 1 vehicle as it is tied to that vehicle's VIN.